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In our Rush Hour lives, we can all face challenges beyond our control. There are times when we encounter what appear to be insurmountable career road blocks, serious life imbalances that limit our capacity to take care of what matters most, or debilitating burnout that stops us in our tracts and leaves us empty of energy and a sense of purpose to successfully navigate the road ahead.

These challenges can hit us in “down” times, such as a job lay-off, a divorce or a sick family member. They can also happen in what should be “up” times, like taking on significant new job responsibilities, buying a home, or having a child. Sometimes they creep into our lives over time and we don’t notice until we feel overwhelmed. Yet there are answers, and it lies within each of us.

In life, whether a business, a person, or a relationship, there is always another level of understanding below the surface that is invisible to the untrained eye. Underneath lies a very complex web of systems, processes, behaviors, patterns, habits and history. This place, unseen by most, is where one of the true superpowers of life exist. Once you see, understand and experience this place in yourself, you then begin to realize you have choice: to change, to redesign, to leverage, to transcend your challenges. Getting to this understanding typically requires the help of a trained observer, a new commitment of your time and energy and finally the courage to explore what lies within. I call it reawakening you inner Badass; expressing your Biggest, Boldest and Best version of yourself.

In today’s business culture, the pressure to produce instant results, manage countless commitments and deal with extraordinary time demands can cause us to lose ourselves. We wonder how to take a stand for ourselves again. How to observe and leverage this omnipotent power which we know lies somewhere within?

Inhouse Coach helps you discover and build a strong foundation on which to stand again; to leverage what lies within to support your growth and development in order to deal with new realities and achieve your new goals. At Inhouse Coach we offer these professional services:

  • Business Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Leadership and Presence coach
  • Team Development Coach
  • Presentation Coach

Please contact Steve Stefanik directly to inquire further:

Phone: (408) 355-3193

Steve’s coaching has enabled me to  develop a powerful vision, culture and community at Intero Los Gatos that matches my leadership style and marketplace requirement; recruit successful agents to support that vision and culture; develop new lead generation strategies and leverage our staff and realtors so our office is more efficient than ever.
Brian Crane, Vice President, Intero Real Estate Los Gatos

InHouse Coach Steve Stefanik



By Steve Stefanik

The Key to Living BIG, BOLD, and BAD!

Engage yourself in this self-guided coaching journey to revitalize your purpose, ignite your passions and step into your unstoppable power. Step up and reclaim your badass self!

Experience your own personal transformation through the author’s process, born of 30 years of relentless pursuit of new learning, a decade of coaching business professionals, and his personal journey reclaiming his bad-ass in the midst of life’s biggest and most disruptive of life challenges and transitions. Each chapter is designed with exercises and methods for applying and reinforcing the chapter’s information and your insights.

Learn and apply these fundamental insights to find your personal power and bring that energy back into your life, full throttle. Now is the time to become BIG, BOLD, and BAD again.