Take the 20 Hug Challenge on Valentine’s Day.

Hugs Hugs and More Hugs!

Starting at 12:01 Feb 14th the challenge begins. The goal: within 24 hours, give out 20 hugs to 20 people.

Bonus options for you to get the most benefit possible from the Challenge:

  • Of the 20 hugs give 5 to complete strangers.
  • Of the 20 hugs give 5 for 20 seconds or longer.

Why is hugging is so IMPORTANT for your health and well being?

“We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” From renown Virginia Satir,  an American author and psychotherapist. My 10 cents on the subject:  “We need 20 hugs to feel the power of Love and Humanity”

Today is the one day we can let go of all the old restricting stories about why you can’t just hug someone. Just go out and DO IT!  Spread the love, feel the love and make someone’s day. This will be the best Valentine ’s Day for you and for 20 other fortunate people.

So, if you need more encouragement to take on the challenge:

So take on this challenge!  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and hug 20 people on Feb 14th. There is nothing stopping you except you. Good Luck!

Please Pass this on to others and let’s see what happens on Valentine’s day for you and your friends this year.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Steve Stefanik

Executive and Life Coaching




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