In a short period of time there’s a lot of somatic that you can use. And there’s one that is pretty much the foundation of all somatic work and that’s called centering, so being present to who you are. So there are three dimensions of center. We’re a three dimensional being and the three dimensions are length, width and depth. And each of those is connected to a different perspective that you can bring into the world. Length is connected to the spiritual world and our grounding into the earth. There are all kinds of inspiration that comes to the heavens and grounding is so our support can come from the earth. So we can stretch our bodies up to be more inspirational, or we can ground to the earth. Width is about the personal dimension. How can I extend into you so that I’m supporting you versus shutting you down. The last one is depth. We all have this orientation towards the future and we also bring our past with us. Sometimes we get stuck in our past and we move back this way. Sometimes we are too far in the future and we can fall in our face. So centering is taking those three dimensions, length width and depth, and coming right to the cord center of that. It’s all that information that your bodies been evolving over three billion years. All that information is used to make relevant decisions. Instead of sticking to what just your head says. And that what we talked about earlier. Sometimes people get stuck in these stories or these patterns that are eliminating possibilities. But if you can center to the core you can then start to access all this information and you can speak from a deep intelligence that’s in sac hand every one of us.

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