What Inspired Steve To Become a Somatic Coach


I was inspired by a very personal story.  I was in training in 2004 to become a somatic coach and on the fifth day of this five-day workshop my brother gave me a call and he said my mother was in the hospital. She had gone through surgery about two weeks prior but she was in some kind of critical condition and I was way up in Petaluma and so my brother had told me that the doctors didn’t know what to do and they asked, well I insisted that I come down. For about two hours I drove my car and I had asked myself “why was I in the somatic coaching course was it predestined that I was there to really learn the techniques to maybe save my mother’s life so as I drove to the hospital I got to the hospital room, and it was all chaotic. There was a doctor there arguing with my father about the condition of my mother. He said the test And all we’ve done and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She should be fine but she wasn’t. My father of course was very angry. So at that moment I decided to go in and see my mother. As I walked in she was at this place where her life energy was really depleting her body; if you can imagine seeing your mother lying there with a very hollow vacant look. So as I sat next to her I used some of my techniques that i just learned. I learned about how to connect to the human soul, a human body. It was my mother that decided to stay, there were a lot of emotions going on but staying present with her and I look for three key areas that I learned about. One was what was her language all about? What was she talking like? Second, what was she focused on? and third what was going on in her body? Like where was the energy force and so after making assessment it turned out that her language is all about the pain that was in her body was taking her towards death the focus was what if I die? There was more on dying than I’m living and the last thing her body as I said it vacated the life force energy that’s available. as a somatic coach of bodies are portraying to know that our bodies can self-generate, Self-heal and self-educate and so I started to do some of the techniques that I had learned. And within an hour we were able to shift her story, shift her focus and shift the life force in her body in a way that she restored herself. And it was amazing to see the doctors and nurse come back into the room and say “oh my god what happened?” the reason I tell this story was it is very inspirational to me as you can tell but at the same time it’s kinda what I do for people and it’s what’s available to everybody. It is an ability to create a new story in your life to really shift to who you are. It’s an ability to focus on the things that are important to you not the things that aren’t. I finally get to bring that life force that we all have in our bodies and bring that forth in a way that will have anybody to bring the fourth in a way that can empower us in our decisions in the exciting things that are out there.



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