Steve Stefanik Shares Key Insights About Mid-Life Challenges

Steve Stefanik from INHOUSE COACH is interviewed by Dan Lawson from “Strategies for Real Estate” on his weekly spotlight of Leaders in the Bay area.

I’m an executive life coach and so I help people transition through some of the major things they may be facing whether it’s career, relationships or even that quest to really find our purpose. So that’s the area I play. I bring to the table fifteen years of sales, ten years in the cooperate world and about 20 years of continuing education. I’m really passionate about learning and growing and developing not only to help me out but to help others out as i learn these new great techniques that are emerging in the world.
Part of what I work with people, is around the breakdowns that they face. Typically my client i work with is between 40 and 60 and they’re in that mid-life stage and when I’m faced with when I’m talking to some of these folks we’re looking at three key areas. The first one is burnout. Sometimes people get burned out and they need some help to recover their center, recover their passion, energy. The second is they’re out of balance. That’s a key area that you run into in this age bracket because they’ve been working so hard to produce the career, make the money and then all of a sudden everything else is kinda falling apart. The third one is called at capacity. Which means that they’ve reached a plateau but there’s another plateau they want to get to and they haven’t figured out how to transcend that. So as a life coach, and a business coach and executive coach I can go in there and help them solve those problems.
I’m going to talk about this thing called a three piece : your purpose, your passion and your power. I think when we’re dealing with people in their mid-life those are the three things that really need to come together in a way that empowers them to do something with the second half of their life. Sole purpose is really about finding that purpose that you can stand in in a way that you know this is my calling this is what I’m supposed to be doing. This is what God has sent me here on this planet to do if you want to talk about God. The second is passion so once you have your purpose you have to invoke the energy, the fire, the excitement there. The pezass to really get that purpose to take off.
When I work with people we start to play in those three domains to really come alive. This is the second area that I’ve come across with called limiting beliefs. These are the stories that are holding us back. So as we’re trying to invoke our power in our purpose, what happens? A story comes up and shuts this down. A story can live in three different areas. As a somatic coach I work with people’s bodies, so our bodies are a reservoir of all of our experiences. And sometimes they’ll shut us down. We won’t even be able to step out the door if we’ve been triggered. The other is our focus or our mood. Sometimes we’re in the wrong mood and we see the world and it’s all bad. We could shift their mood like that. And the third area that we look at is the language. How people are describing things. When working with limiting beliefs I’m looking at all three of those variables to see if there is the possibility of change, to really produce that purpose passion and power.
The last one I recognize is practices. So what are you doing in order to get to those next levels. I had this teacher before he came up with “You are your practices”. You can change your practices and change your life.
It’s powerful that these stories that have held people back, that were fixed, are now broken. And they’re stepping into a new place now. This is a process, and that’s where practices come into play. You can be a champion in your own life.

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