Out of Balance, Burnout or At Capacity

The three areas that then I work with underneath that are people that are out of balance, people that are burned-out and people that are what I call at capacity. Out of balance in terms of work, their personal life. how to balance in terms of their health and how they show themselves in the world and sometimes there’s old stories and patterns that have been put into our bodies that we’ve accepted and work with and actually have Taken us down a path that eliminate all the things that could make us more creative, more happy more passionate. We’re down this path and so that’s an out of balance so if we can bring those two back together then there’s a real richness in life. And a lot of reasons that we’re going this way is there’s an old pattern or shift that has produced that common sense in the body that can take them down that path. Burn out is another where you’re in a space that you’ve been working in a job or being inauthentic. And it’s constantly draining your energy it gets to the point where you actually shut down. So that’s burnout. The third one is at capacity. Someone that is capable of doing more but for some reason they can’t seem to get there. There’s an old pattern an old story. For instance there a guy with the capacity to make a half million dollars a year but every time he hit one hundred thousand he stopped working. There was an old story from his mother that said anybody who makes one hundred thousand dollars a year is a bad person. So once you eliminate that out of the body and out of the story and out of the focus all of a sudden the ceiling takes off.


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