Programs Overview

InHouse Coach programs are designed to support a full range of business professionals. We work with the entire spectrum of industry leaders such as owners, managers, high production teams, partnerships and individual performers. Based on 25 year of business experience, education and training, these programs are proven to help you and/or your teams reach the highest goals in your business and life.

InHouse Coach Coach Programs:

1. Individual Executive coaching

Your desire to be on top of your game and to be number one deeply drives you. You know this business of real estate.  You have achieved great success over your career yet there is something wrong. Your energy is lower, your actions are not producing the same results anymore, the marketplace and business models are changing. You are questioning your current path and value in today’s real estate market. Top executives like you face these same challenges of burn out, push themselves 24/7 thus throwing their life out of balance or dream of creating a higher level of success in their career with more purpose , passion and meaning. InHouse Coach provides the answers to help you break through these challenges with an innovative coaching and consulting program which will get you back on track and at the top of your new game. This intensive program will reshape your thinking, build a new capacity for accelerated growth in your business and reconnect you to your gifts, talents, and passions to drive continued success in throughout your real estate career.

2. Team Development

The power of team is unstoppable, yet the skills of building a team, selecting the right players, developing the team and managing it to its full potential are extremely challenging. Working with the team leaders, we build a solid foundation focused goals, strengths and growth areas. We focus on finding the right players to fit the organization and roles required and then working to ensure their integration is successful. We use team development techniques to keep the team aligned, on track and functioning at high performance levels. InHouse Coach program help you achieve your  biggest goals, whether you are building a new team, enhancing an existing team or growing your team to support your next level of business success.

3. Partnership coaching

Bringing two halves of the whole together can be an extremely powerful business venture, yet at the same time extremely challenging due to bringing two successful individuals together. InHouse Coach program focuses on building a unique value proposition for each partner, building a business focus around these offers and then helping  to build the necessary practices to keep the partnership thriving through the partnership development stage and far into the future.

4. Small Group coaching

Powerful individual coaching and consulting business principals are presented at a group level format.  We focus on building an agent’s unique offer, leadership presence and  teach powerful business practices to accelerate their business growth. In the group environment the learning is rich and collaborative bringing a deep depth to the learning and retention.

5. Office coaching

Coaching resource for group presentation, behind the scenes management support and in-office agent support.

6. Circle of Success

Workshop to help you discover your unique offer, customer segment, marketing channel and new market conversation to differentiate yourself in today’s dynamic market place.

7. Executive Coaching for office Leader/ Manager

Hands on coaching and consulting program to help office managers and owners set visions, strategic direction, and leverage resources to achieve success at running a profitable office, while focused on recruitment, retentions, per person production, office management and career development. InHouse Coach brings a breath of management principles and practices to the table which helps management both better manage their day to day business and open up new strategies to innovate new business models for their business and career growth.

Our Coaching philosophy is based on three key principals:

1) Great business is based on unique and valuable products and services. Each of us has a unique offer that has to be first developed, and then maximized to differentiate ourselves in the market.This is our most valuable product.

2) InHouse Coach believes great and sustained success in your chosen field is the result of focusing on your unique gifts, talents and strengths. We also believe having great success includes life balance. You can be number one in your field and still be happy, healthy and take care of your family, community and self. Let us help you reach your dream career and life.

Our clients each have different needs, desires and challenges. The following model reveals the inherent breakdown all business owners will face if they desire to reach the top of their game. The walls that separate us from our dreams and goals can be traversed, broken down or sometimes even avoided. InHouse Coach programs use Somatic Coaching, Business Coaching and Consulting expertise to move you up and over your walls so you can reach the success and satisfaction you desire.

Steve Stefanik InHouse Coach San Jose CA

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