IHC Services

Providing a powerful combination of strategic development coupled with a revealing focus and expansion of your unique skills and talents, InHouse Coach’s primary goal is to accelerate our clients’ professional growth and capacity to drive their business and value in today’s challenging marketplace.

InHouse Coach’s training programs are built on a foundation that real change does not come from just traditional coaching conversations, but from the introduction of new practices that reshape our common sense and learned behaviors revealing untapped resources and a new capacity to enable success and satisfaction in business and life.

InHouse Coach provides business consulting and coaching services including:

Coaching for:

  • Business Professionals and Management
  • Non Profit executives
  • Independent Contractors

Business Consulting:

  • Developing the power of team and community as strategic leverage points for success in today’s market
  • Innovative programs focused on passion and purpose as core drivers of success
  • Reading and assessing market drifts to create and support your sales and business strategies
  • Identifying new business opportunities and designing programs to capture new markets
  • Leading the team to achieve a powerful transformation while focusing on people as the primary resource

We facilitate our clients’ ability to not only see the whole picture, but also to understand the minute details necessary for daily success bringing about a revolution in the way they approach business.

In the corporate and small business world that is brimming with individuals who are confused about their path and purpose. InHouse Coach offers the proper support structure to bring about meaningful change. We work to empower our clients unique gifts and personal power to support their dreams, ambitions and life goals.

Please call us today at (408) 355-3193 to inquire further, or email Steve here.