Six Steps to Ensure Success through Change and Transitions

How many times has a change in your life needed to happen yet it did not happen? Can you picture in your mind a situation like this? A change that seemed so imperative, so important, so critical and for some reason it just did not happen. There are probably many reasons we come up with to justify why the change did not happen, and believe me I know they all make sense. Yet, we do not change! Our past habits, patterns and common sense just will NOT ALLOW this change to mess with our homoeostasis. Our body’s biology is designed to not disrupt the apple cart, to maintain at all costs our certainty that “all is okay”. Yet just recognizing a need for a change is the subtle hint within us that all is not okay. In order to break the bondage of these heavy chains we have to evoke a powerful process to summon up the resources required to ensure we change. A resource I have used to help break the chains are the “Six Steps to Success for Change”.

Six Steps to Success in change

  • 100% commitment to change

A commitment of no turning back at any cost

A commitment of life or death “I will die if I don’t change”

  • Enlist a mentor / coach

Provides a new perspective we cannot see ourselves

Keeps us accountable to our change

  • Join a support group

A group consciousness reveals new perspectives

Learning and growth accelerate within a group

  • Create a supportive environment at work and home

We subconsciously couple with people and our environments

Surround yourself with the right people and environment for success

  • Engage in the right community of people

Find those communities with common values, ethics and goals that will support your change

  • Contribute back to others in your same breakdown

A deep level of knowledge and engagement has to happen when you teach others

Helping others face their change helps you stay in integrity with yours


Please contact me if I can be of any assistance supporting you with your change.

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