Client Testimonials

I have had the opportunity to both observe Steve’s coaching in others, and to experience it myself. I met Steve through mutual involvement in a non-profit organization. I was struck by his ability in our group to quickly observe and hone in on key points and very subtle cues. When he asked me to participate in a pilot program he had developed that included somatic coaching with a small group, I agreed out of respect for Steve, but also as a skeptic. In this group experience I was able to see more clearly Steve’s uncanny ability to utilize skills he has developed over years of training and personal development to rapidly uncover unknown and even subconscious obstacles people are dealing with and provide clear and relevant solutions to move forward. These insights were so profound that I asked Steve to coach me personally, as well as other members of my family. I highly recommend Steve as an executive or life coach.

Jeff Executive VP Fortune 500 Company


I’ve known Steve Stefanik for most of my entire professional career. Early in my career, I knew I wanted to advance but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Steve was just the answer. His powerful consultative and somatic coaching techniques provided the tools and insights to help me get clear on my unique strengths, center myself on my path and become more focused on my career goals. I’ve now re-engaged his services 10 years later to help me again in this new stage of my career. I’ve gained the experience, key roles and advancement I sought earlier yet now it’s deciding how I use those skillsets and experience in this next phase of my life. Through his wealth of experience, empathy and intuitive nature, he brings clarity to my situation that seemed muddy at first. He’s helped me regain my confidence, to see and fully own my unique value in the marketplace and help set me up for success on this new path. If you are unsure of where you are in your career or just need some redirection, I highly recommend Steve Stefanik as a coach

Nicole – Senior Manager


Saying that my work with Steve was a crucial step in my recent career transition would be an understatement. Steve’s poignant insights and straightforward coaching style proved invaluable as I considered what felt like a bewildering array of career possibilities. His real-world experience helped me identify my authentic offer and build a concrete plan to capitalize on it in less than 60days.

Chris – Senior Business Leader

Steve is an amazing, empathetic, technical, and inspiring coach. He has provided me with detailed coaching that has uplifted my speaking ability. Very specifically, he asks the right questions and offers encouraging and technical feedback clearly and concisely. I step away from our sessions with renewed focus and ready to step back on the stage 10x better

Allen – Sales Leader

My wife and I hired Steve to help our transition into working together as a full-time real estate team. He did a great job helping us navigate through not only the challenges of building a new business but also keeping our relationship and family life on track at the same time. Steve was able to quickly assess our personal styles, identify ways for us to optimize how we work together and challenge us to work on areas we needed to improve in both our business and personal lives. I recommend Steve wholeheartedly.

Steve – Owner Corporate Relocation Services

I started working with Steve during my 3rd year of building my business. I reached a plateau in growth and needed a coach to help me get to the next level. Steve helped me tremendously in identifying my strengths and success patterns. I’ve had many coaches in the past, but what separated Steve from the others is his authenticity towards the process. He went above and beyond in providing every possible resource (personal & outside) I needed to achieve my goals. Steve is a hidden gem that anyone would be lucky to find.

Russ – Top 1% Real Estate Sales