In my coaching work over the years, there seems to be one key word that enables and empowers people to live a great life. And surprisingly to say, it is a word that can be perceived with such a negative connotation. The word is NO.

In my studies, this fundamental practice of saying No is also known for me as Taking a Stand. “Here I stand, I can do no other”.  This is the place where we are crystal clear about what we care about, what our values and ethics are, and what we will and will not do.  We all have thisSTAND in us yet many of us fail to say No when we faced with our own challenges.  So many reasons we find to support our inability to say NO. We compromise our Self and tolerate the outcome.

Watching, listening and acting over the past 50 years, I continue to see, hear and read about this powerful concept (of Taking a Stand) and its terrific power. Here are a couple of popular insights to demonstrate the power of NO.

1) Ironically, while sitting at a doctor’s office the other day, I noticed this heading on the cover of  Newsweek:  “The one word that can save your life, NO!”    In the domain of Healthcare, the premise is you have the right to stand for you, your health and your life in spite of what the experts are saying.   The concept of saying NO can save your life. I ask you: where else can or should you say No to save your personal and professional life?

2) In the 80’s the first lady of our great nation leveraged the power of this word to help our nation learn how to begin to take a stand against the serious epidemic of drugs in our nation and with our youth.  “JUST SAY NO!”   Our relationship with our peers, our family, our friends, our boss can sway us off our course, sometimes into habits and behaviors that change our course.  Just saying No is a way to take back the control.

3) In a great business book, “The one thing you need to know”, Marcus Buckingham says that to achieve great individual success in life the one thing you need to know is: “Discover What You Don’t Like Doing and Stop Doing It”.  He says the most successful people in business are successful because they  know what they are good at, yet more importantly they say NO to the areas they are not good at. They do not accept every request. They focus on their gifts and say NO to the things that will compromise their focus.

It is clear in our life, there are and will continue to be many influences that we will encounter every day.  These influences can help us or hurt us along our journey. The “skill” of saying NO and taking a stand is a fundamental tool we all need to develop and deploy.

Where do you need to say No, starting right here, right now? Is it your job, your boss, your relationship, your own internal BS? INHOUSE Coach’s mission is to empower the few who want to pursue their passion and purpose again. We are looking for those who are committed to taking back their life and reaching their highest plateau.


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