A scout leader was trying to lift a fallen tree from the path. His pack gathered around to watch him struggle. “Are you using all your strength?” one of the scouts asked.
“Yes!” was the exhausted and exasperated response. “No. You are not using all your strength,” the scout replied. “You haven’t asked us to help you.”

I love this little story about the power of teams. It represent to me what I see every day in my work as a consultant and coach for business professionals.

THE KEY TAKE AWAY: There are resources everywhere  yet we can become so triggered in the moment, in the task, we can become blind to what resources are right in front of us!

I have helped develop teams across a broad range of people from large corporations to youth sports. Here are some unseen powers and reasons to build or enhance your teams.

1) A team amplifies your raw power. The old wise tale “Many hands make light work”. Take advantage of this power to accomplish goals that seemed impossible as an individual.

2) Feel the power of being one with a team – We all want to belong. We are heard animals and need to be part of the pack to survive.  This natural instinct draws us into teams yet the larger power comes when the team creates an environment where you feel you belong, you can contribute and you are valued. When this exist the group consciousness amplifies the energy and power of the group. When all systems (people) are a GO, then there are no limits!

3) Magic of a team –  The incredible can be achieved with a team. Have you ever experienced the magic of winning a championship, doing something which was thought impossible? Teams allow you to experience this special magic which can be found nowhere else. Once you feel this magic you are always trying to achieve it again. A powerful motivating force to be leverage when building new teams.

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